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About Us

Vision Youth Academy (located in Tacoma, WA) is dedicated to empowering and nurturing youth aspiring for careers in music and media. We offer a performance-based program that combines artistic development with a career-based educational element. While there are some amazing local youth performance groups in the area, if your student desires the flexibility of performing urban styles of music you should look no further!

Our Mission

Vision Youth Academy seeks to ignite the creative passions of youth, nurturing their dreams through faith-based instruction and mentorship, and empowering them to realize their full artistic potential."

Our Vision

At Vision Youth Academy, our vision is to empower the next generation of professional songwriters, film writers, musicians, producers, and Christian leaders. We aspire to cultivate a community where faith and creativity intersect, fostering excellence in both the arts and character, and inspiring young people to shine as industry leaders and pillars of their communities.

Our Core Values

Provide a Safe Haven

Inspire Greatness

Model Integrity 

Disciple Youth


Meet the Director

Vision Youth Academy is founded and led by Mr. Joseph Lawyer III, a songwriter, producer, and educator.  Mr. Lawyer founded Vision Youth Academy with the heart to ignite the dreams of youth that they might feel empowered to go for it!  After serving as the Director of Performing Arts at Life Christian Academy (Tacoma, WA) he has now set out to create this program to reach the youth of Pierce County.  Mr. Lawyer quotes:  "I love music and I love discipling young people.  Vision Youth Academy will be life-changing for our youth!"


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